Are you ready for change in your life?

Change challenges us to let go of the familiar to transition toward the new.  To move in that direction, we need to tolerate the discomfort and uncertainty of the journey. We need clarity to chart our course and determination and motivation to sustain us for the long haul.


I believe it’s essential to experience satisfaction along the journey.  Without a sense of satisfaction, we are usually unable to go the distance and fall short of our desired end point. My work is grounded in mindfulness which enables us to find that satisfaction, as it orients us to being more present to the many small positive experiences in our lives, that we often tend to miss.


For over twenty years I have worked with my clients as a change agent. Helping them to identify aspects of their life that are no longer working effectively and making room for new ideas, new perspectives, new emotions, new behaviors.


We work together to create energy, motivation, self-awareness and trust – trust in yourself that you will see this through. I draw upon my skills as a counselor and coach to energize and motivate you to create your new path.


I provide both counseling and coaching services. My responsibility, regardless of the modality, is to provide a non-judgmental environment which allows you to gain greater self-understanding and self-awareness of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. I navigate the journey with you, keeping you focused on your goals and accountable to your commitments.

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Patricia Woods

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Coach

Rosemont Plaza

1062 Lancaster Avenue

Suite 26-A

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010