Coaching is a collaborative and solution focused partnership. It focuses on the present and enables you to define and create the future you desire. Coaching differs from therapy in that the work focuses on the present. Your coach works with you to develop greater focus, clarity and direction by asking questions that enable you to gain greater knowledge about who you are and what is of value to you. Coaching provides support and accountability to move you toward your goals.


Coaching questions create opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of yourself and the path forward. At times, your coach functions like a mirror, reflecting your thoughts, ideas, desires, allowing you to fully see yourself and begin to more confidently express your voice.

You gain clarity about your goals and vision and begin to define and create the future you desire. As you move through the coaching process, reflecting your thoughts and ideas, you begin to create a clear plan, step by step, to move you toward this future.

As you step out of your comfort zone, you move past old barriers and challenge beliefs that have held you back. You discover your strengths. Coaching allows you to explore a life that is about openings and opportunities.

Coaching is a balanced partnership where your coach offers honest, non-judgmental feedback and holds you accountable to your commitments in order to make your possibilities become reality.

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Patricia Woods

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Coach

Rosemont Plaza

1062 Lancaster Avenue

Suite 26-A

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010