Workshops and presentations give your group the focus and support needed to grow …

Whether your group is 5 or 50, my hands on, interactive workshops are designed to meet your group’s needs.

Topics of focus include stress management, stepping out of your comfort zone, emotional intelligence – and more.

The interactive workshops introduce your team to life-changing skills and techniques. We focus on the issues that are relevant to the purpose and needs of your group.

Designed as one-hour to half day sessions to fit your program, these are appropriate for small and large businesses, schools, or non-profit teams.

If you are looking to create or cultivate a culture that fosters open communication and respect, consider one of the following:


Mindfulness – The Path to Creativity

Create more energy and less stress

The concept of mindfulness is often abstract. The key to behavior change is increased self-awareness - of your thoughts and your emotions. In this session, I demonstrate to your group how to integrate mindfulness in practical ways. We discuss how to focus more on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Managing Stress – It’s Simpler than You Think

Simple stress reduction techniques

You don’t need a retreat weekend or a spa day to reduce your stress (although it’s nice!) Develop a repertoire of skills to use easily and consistently. I present effective techniques and demonstrations on how best to integrate these moments into your day.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Learn to see challenges as opportunities

The key to growth and managing situations most effectively lies in being responsive rather than reactive. During this workshop, I help your team identify and develop skills that focus on preparation, being in the moment, and the take away from difficult situations.

The GPS of Our Emotions

Emotional intelligence

The more you can accurately identify your emotions, the more successful and happy you will be in your life. As you are able to identify and regulate your emotions, and work with the emotions of others, any situation can be handled more effectively. Armed with this knowledge, we begin to interact more respectfully and in cooperation with others. A great tool for not only the workspace, but for life in general.

Workshops with Patricia

I am well-versed as well as passionate about helping people create their best lives. The dynamics that develop when speaking or presenting to a group create a powerful energy.

My experience counseling and coaching clients, and specialized training in stress management and mindfulness, has led me to identify tried and true skills and strategies to share with your group. Your team will be presented with valuable takeaways that are useful and easy to use.

For more specifics about workshops or to see about tailoring a workshop to fit your needs, please fill out the contact form here. Or call me at 610-206-3308. I’ll contact you within twenty four hours after receiving  your request, Monday – Friday.

Previous speaking engagements/workshops/presentations:

Cigna EAP Presentations  – Loomis Sayles & Co, Thoratec Corp, Federal Reserve Bank Boston, Centene Mgmt, Schoolcare NH & MA, Marsh & McLennan, Astrazenica, HEI Hotel & Resorts, Covidien.

 “Patricia was very engaging and draws participants into the conversation...Real life examples that the audience can relate to… Knowledgeable about the subject, good flow, easy to listen to… Simple statements, things that could stay with me.”

Cigna EAP