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FREE Lunchtime Learning Groups

Third Wednesday of the month, 12 - 12:45pm 

Registration required prior to session.

Learn to Meditate

January 16, February 20, March 20

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Social Anxiety Coaching Group

Registration required prior to session,  $30 per session, Ages 18+

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Wednesday, January 9, January 23,    10-11am

Wednesday, February 6, February 20,   5 - 6pm

Wednesday, March 6, March 20,  10-11am

I work with many clients who want to develop more comfort in a variety of social situations. It might be speaking to coworkers at their new job, going to a meet up, making small talk in the lunch room, dating.

You may have social anxiety, shyness, or just limited experience in social settings. We'll look at how to start a conversation, identify appropriate topics, how to join in a conversation, how to share about yourself, deepen conversations.

There's often a tendency to compare yourself to others or to judge your performance so we also practice skills to keep you focused on the conversation. Anxiety usually kicks up in these situations so we'll practice skills to reduce anxiety, and to also monitor your self talk, which can tend to be negative.

You'll  leave with plenty of  ideas to use. The more you practice the more you will increase your self-confidence and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I created this group because it is helpful to practice in as realistic a setting as possible. Working with others may increase your anxiety so we'll practice stress reduction skills in the moment. You will have an opportunity to talk to others and practice how to begin conversations, share about yourself.

It's an atmosphere of positivity and skill building. You have an opportunity to talk about the interactions or situations where you get stuck and we will identify new strategies to try. Our focus will be on reducing anxiety, exploring social situations where you want to increase your interactions, and identifying the appropriate skills and strategies.

Begin to create your best life now!!

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Patricia Woods

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Coach

19 Elliot Avenue

Bryn Mawr, PA