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Ready for change in your life?

Are you ready to make a change in your life but need more clarity on your direction?

Do you want to work with someone who will hold you accountable to your commitments?

Have you been here before but this time want to move through the barriers that seem to get in your way?

Im Patricia Woods, a Board Certified Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor  and this is the work I have done for over twenty years with my clients.

How do you make the change you desire become a reality?

Through my own personal experience and that of my clients, I have identified key practices that support and guide us successfully through the change process.

Change challenges us to let go of the familiar to transition toward the new.  To do that we need to tolerate the discomfort and uncertainty of the journey. We need to have the clarity to chart our course and we need the determination and motivation that will sustain us for the long haul.

The determination and motivation come from finding satisfaction along the journey.  Without a sense of satisfaction we are usually unable to go the distance and fall short of our desired end point.

Why Work with Me?

For over twenty years I have worked with my clients to fit the pieces of their lives together.  I draw upon my skills as a counselor, coach to help you to stay energized and motivated to create your new path.

We work together to create energy, motivation, self-awareness and trust trust in yourself that you will see this through.

Coaching or Counseling?

Coaching and counseling offer strategies and tools for you to move toward the life you desire.

Counseling often focuses on exploring past issues which are preventing you from reaching your goals. As understanding is reached, emotions identified and expressed, the path forward becomes clearer and easier to navigate.  Healthy and effective coping skills are often integrated along the way.

Coaching is a partnership designed to keep you focused and motivated to move from the present to your future goals. We dig deeply to  identify, understand, and clarify your goals, explore realistic paths, construct the plan, and commit to steps each week.

My counseling and coaching pages can provide more information. I am happy to answer any questions to help determine the right fit for you.