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Stay Focused on What You Want
by Patricia Woods on 

I work with a lot of clients who struggle with staying the course. They come in, feel really clear with what they want and where they want to go. They move in that direction for a period of time but then something happens. A situation comes up that stirs up a lot of emotion and they then begin to question their direction. Sound familiar?

This is where your skills pay off. This is what you have been practicing for. Take that step back and breathe. Look at the facts. Has anything really changed or have you just been triggered by something? Chances are itís an old scenario that has played out countless times.

This is where itís important to just stay focused on your goals. Make sure you have a plan mapped out that will lead to your goal.  Itís not rigid or inflexible but it is a path. A path leads us in a certain direction. When youíre on a path, itís not necessary to constantly reassess where you are going. Itís been mapped out thoughtfully. It allows you to just focus your energy on moving forward.

When something dramatically happens that alters the path, reassess and create a new plan. But until that happens just follow the path. Have check points where you assess your progress and create the next leg of the journey.

But in the meantime just keep moving forward and stay focused on what you want.

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