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Learn to Let it Go
by Patricia Woods on 

How can I shift my mood quicker when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed?

I received this question earlier in the week and I’m sure most of us can relate to it.

Shifting your mood is a skill and it takes practice. But as you practice and become more able to do this, you will be amazed at how freeing it is!

Emotions come and go all day. When we give attention to an emotion and begin to attach thoughts to it, it grows bigger and can get stuck, like a big black cloud. We might be thinking, “This always happens to me, Why me, Of course this would happen to me”… These type of thoughts almost always guarantee the black cloud will grow larger and will not budge.

Have you noticed how animals tend to just let things go? They don’t linger over situations but just get back in the game.

Here’s a few ideas to try out –

Start the day with an intention – “I am looking forward to this day and my goal is to maintain a positive and optimistic mood.”  Say it out loud, write it down, and keep referring to it during the day. It is your compass.

Begin to pay more attention throughout the day to how you are feeling. You can set your phone to vibrate every 20 minutes. Just check in to how you are feeling and make a small shift if needed. If you are feeling down, is there a reason?  If nothing has happened, try to improve your mood by getting up, moving around, get a drink, refer to your intention and start again.

Use humor – If you begin to notice repetitive thoughts or emotions that you feel in certain situations, it can be fun to bring a little humor to the situation. “Oh, here we go again, LOL, I should have figured they would say that LOL.” The difference is you are taking charge of the emotion, putting a spin on the situation in your favor.

Lastly, start bringing more attention to your emotions and thoughts. Begin to notice patterns and make some changes if they aren’t enhancing your life.


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