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Forward Motion is not Always Visible
by Patricia Woods on 

It’s the end of the month and an opportunity to look at the progress you have made toward your dreams. I loved the quote from Belva Plain, “Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality”.


What did you choose to work on and what’s happened over the month?


It’s so easy for most people to answer “nothing” to this question and to feel bad. But what about recognizing that in the space between your dreams and reality, there is a lot of reality! Some of that reality changes our game plan, can slow it up quite a bit, or even stop it.


So, if there wasn’t a lot of concrete progress from last month to this month take the time to understand why and identify what actually happened. Unexpected situations, time limitations, last minute schedule changes, exhaustion, loss of motivation…?


Reality is reality. If we want to accomplish our dreams we have to work with reality and continue to modify our plans but not give up our plans.


If you weren’t able to achieve what you wanted, did you stay firm in your belief that your dream was attainable? Did you continue to keep it in your mind and dream about it?


There are three articles at the end of this newsletter that look at the topic of visualization - our ability to effect change simply through the power of concentrated and focused thought. In one study, the subjects use the power of their thoughts and imagery to increase their muscle strength without lifting any weights in real time.


So forward motion doesn’t always have to be visible. If we aren’t able to concretely achieve all we have set out to do, we can continue to hold strong thoughts and beliefs in our ability to accomplish the task. We can see ourselves doing it in our mind’s eye. It’s a critical piece of the work that is often overlooked.


If you made progress this month – YAHOO!! I hope you took the time to feel satisfaction and pride.


What did you learn about how you work? Is there a best time of day, mindset to get into before you start, clean off your desk before you start paperwork, make sure you eat and have energy?  Keep revising how you work to capture what works best for you. 


Before you start the new month reassess your goals and create your next steps.


I posted about beginning to tackle a work project I had dreamed about for years. With the help of my accountability partners I made some good movement on it. I am now looking at the next steps and will pick the next priority.


I also tried something out of my comfort zone. I have had a dream for years about learning to sail or at least being on a sailboat. For me the first step was learning to swim to feel more confident and comfortable. So I literally took a plunge last night with my first swimming lesson. Wahoo!!


Feel free to email me about the places where you get stuck in working toward your goals and I can post some ideas next month.




Here are the articles;


Can you build strength with visualization exercises?


How to Grow Stronger Without Lifting Weights


Five Reasons Why You Should Visualize





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