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Food for Thought
by Patricia Woods on 

 I had a thought after I saw how popular Howie’s post was. Why is it that he received 264 views, 55 likes, 5 shares, and a comment?

I started to think about how our mind works. There is so much information that it filters on a daily basis that is based on our past experiences. It filters out what it thinks we don’t want, what we don’t need, what we don’t like, what doesn’t feel comfortable. It filters in what is familiar, what we know, what we’ve done before, what it thinks we want…

It may be that Howie’s post is perceived as safe, recalls good things, creates a good feeling, and it gets a lot of clicks.

So what we’re looking at is our minds ability to quickly filter information based on past conditioning in order that we can move through the day efficiently.  

Howie’s post didn’t seem to trigger any red flags, didn’t slam the door. In fact the door was wide open when I compared the results of his post to the majority of my posts.

Here’s the food for thought.

So who actually is giving your mind its operating instructions?

Are you clearly setting the agenda on a day to day basis, learning to increase your awareness of your thoughts/feelings so you know what is going on upstairs, or is it on automatic pilot, based on old experiences and conditioning?

Are you missing out on opportunities by allowing old unconscious conditioning to filter out what may not be comfortable, new, unfamiliar?

Are we living today based on what we knew yesterday and is it really accurate today?

Take a look at my post, “Step I”,  to get back in the driver’s seat.

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