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by Patricia Woods on 

Do you sometimes agonize over small tasks before finally feeling satisfied with them?

Try to bring attention to your tendency to make things “perfect” and begin to develop a practice of assessing how “perfect” it really needs to be.

Here’s a scenario - I have an A average in a class, have a ton of things going on in my life right now, and have a paper due this week. Let’s figure out which scenario is the better fit, A or B.

Scenario A - My normal tendency might be to work really hard on this paper, do a ton of research, take hours going over the phrasing, make many changes before turning it in, feel really good about the paper, get in bed at 2am, be exhausted at work the next day.

Scenario B – Realize I have an A average in this class, identify what other priorities I have right now, identify how much time I have for this paper, plan accordingly as I do the research and edits, feel good about the paper, recognize I could have done more but realize this covers the topic adequately, hit send, get to bed at 11am, feel rested and satisfied the next day.

Without attention we will apply the same level of energy and diligence to all of our tasks. Learn to move through tasks more quickly by assessing which ones really deserve your utmost attention.

Understand how an “all or nothing” approach can leave you exhausted. Practice being in that middle area and get comfortable with doing less when it is called for.

If you are working toward a goal this will be really helpful to keep moving you forward rather than getting stuck on the small details.

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