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Making Dreams Reality
by Patricia Woods on 

So what’s in the space between your dreams and reality?

The first step is to get to know that space in a concrete and factual way.

Let’s use the image of a puzzle to explore this space. Imagine the puzzle is your life. There are already pieces in place – your reality – but let’s focus on the new pieces – your dreams. 

Take a piece of blank paper and begin to draw puzzle pieces with your dreams written on each piece. Maybe a relationship, job, greater self-confidence, friendship, more effective parenting, a project, improved finances, less stress, improved health, more positive emotions, travel, less conflict, better work life balance. These are the dreams that we will bring into the existing puzzle.

When I created my website I chose puzzle pieces as my logo because I realized that the pieces of our lives continually change. Creating your best life is about recognizing what fits at what time, not forcing, and letting go when it’s needed.

Step One – Choose one piece and ask this question. What do I need to develop this piece? Begin writing and just stay there. Compile a list of what is necessary to bring this piece into reality

Here’s mine – a project I have been dreaming of for years.  What do I need to develop this piece? Stay focused on  why it is so important to me, dedicate time to it, have accountability partners, know when I’ve gone off track, pay attention to emotions that block my progress and know how to shift them, learn how to access the resources I need for the project, set monthly goals, get help when I don’t know how to do a task, step out and take a break when I feel overwhelmed, maintain boundaries to keep it a PRIORITY, learn to say no in order to meet my goals, see my dream becoming a reality and feel it, eat well, exercise, take breaks and have fun.

Step Two – Begin to look at the list of what is needed to complete the piece and start to brainstorm how it will happen. One step at a time. As you move through this step you will develop greater insight about what blocks you, where you may need to develop more strength. Keep going down the list, who will I be accountable to, how will I find the time, and what might I need to say no to…

Trust, believe, keep  moving...


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