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by Patricia Woods on 

The right decision often comes with a sense of knowing. But you might not act on it because you begin to doubt yourself. Doubt can derail a decision that can be reached swiftly and easily. It might wind up taking hours, days, or may never be reached at all.

Once you’ve made your decision it’s important to move forward. If you begin sending mixed messages to yourself such as “what if” or “maybe I should have”… you erase the benefits of what you have just done. You are back on the track of doubting yourself and feeling uncertain.

Doubt can take many forms, not having confidence in your ability to make a sound decision, being concerned with what others may think, not being able to tolerate the discomfort that may arise from other’s feelings about your action.

In order to develop your decision making skills it’s important to develop the emotional strength to stand by your decisions. The skills that are necessary to sit with the discomfort and unease you will feel at times. This allows you to make the choices that are necessary in your life and to continue to grow in the direction that is right for you.

There really is no one correct decision. But there are many options. Decision making is hitting the sweet spot, the place where the decision feels right. It’s a recognition that this is the best option even though it may bring some discomfort. Decision making is about saying yes to one thing and no to another. Both may be important to you but you have to choose.

Some decisions are life altering but many are of the small and medium variety. The more time and attention you give to decision making the more you will grow in your skills and confidence. You are able to move through life more easily knowing that you can navigate these junctures. 

Decision making is about taking action. Moving forward. It doesn’t mean it will be easy or without effort. It doesn’t mean that the decision you make will be what you want to do but it may be what is needed in the situation.

As you continue to move toward making decisions rather than avoiding them you will develop a solid trust in yourself. A trust that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

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