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Step I
by Patricia Woods on 

Coach to createÖ your best life

It might sound a bit lofty, abstract, but itís really about skill sets that work. Skill sets that enable you to reach your goals time and time again. A way of life.

Developing a practice of mindfulness in your life is a standard practice in my toolbox. Standard practice doesnít mean that itís one size fits all but that it is the foundation of the work. It will look different for everyone but it is the starting place.

Mindfulness isnít just about meditation or yoga although they are mindful practices. There are many mindful practices and they are the tools and disciplines that enable you to experience a different quality of living in your life. Living that is more intentional and conscious.

As I bring greater consciousness and attentiveness to my life I am more aware of my actions, thoughts, feelings. I catch myself at times doing things that I donít want to be doing. Raising my voice to my child and remembering that I am trying not to yell. Starting to unload the dishwasher when my spouse is speaking to me  and remembering that I am trying to be a better listener. Feeling overwhelmed  with a project and beginning to lose motivation and then remembering that this is what I am working on -  learning to move through roadblocks.

Mindfulness practices are the vehicles that open the door to choice. Now that I am catching myself doing what I donít want to be doing, I have the ability to choose. It may not make it any easier to change the behavior but I am now clearly seeing what is happening. And coupled with other tools, change becomes possible.  

Thatís Step 1 of the process to create your best lifeÖ

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