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The Next Step to Creating Your Best Life
by Patricia Woods on 

 I have written about mindfulness as being the first step in creating change in your life. Its importance is in allowing you to gain a panoramic view of the possibilities that lie before you. Then assisting you in teasing out what is most important.

Emotions play a big part in creating the next steps. Learning to cultivate a sense of compassion toward yourself is a key component on this journey. You can’t be anywhere other than where you are right now. You can’t take the next step until you take this step. Learning to pace yourself, to not compare yourself to others, to not judge your speed, or to judge your performance plays a big part in your ability to move forward as well as your ability to enjoy the ride.

The article I posted at the end of this newsletter speaks to enjoying the ride. It has fifteen captions and I especially enjoyed “Be a master of your moods” and “Wake up with a resolve to be happy during the day”.  I spend a lot of time with my clients on these ideas. I use the analogy of paying attention to your moods in the same way you would pay attention to Google maps if you were driving somewhere new. If you are not monitoring your mood, changing direction at times to step out of negativity, making choices to choose a new direction that will improve your mood, you most likely will not reach your desired destination. Most likely you will run out of gas or be totally confused as to where you are and where you want to go.

Achieving a goal is not a robotic feat. If we achieve goals without incorporating all of whom we are; body, mind, spirit, emotions, the achievement may feel rather empty.  More like crossing an item off a list rather than feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride that we accomplished something meaningful.

It doesn’t matter how many steps are in front of you or how many you completed. The more you can experience this one step as meaningful, appreciating all that got you there, the more you will enjoy and relish your life.

Your life becomes a series of pivotal moments. They don’t need to be monumental or life changing. They are moments where you are able to see clearly who you are by the choices you are making, who you have become, where you have come from, where you want to go.

That is a richly lived life.


Track your mood - it’s a challenge!

  • Notice your mood first thing in the morning and consciously shift it if needed. Try smiling, change your routine, put some music on, sing, say something funny, dance, do whatever you need to do to keep turning your mood in the right direction.

  • Continue to track your mood every 30 minutes throughout the day. Continue to change your thoughts and behaviors to bring your mood back to a more neutral or positive state.

  • See what you learn over the course of the day. Most people notice that their mood can take a nosedive even when nothing has happened. It can be the result of feeling tired, hungry, bored, or simply the result of dealing with small irritants throughout the course of the day.

  • Consciously continuing to be aware of your mood and shifting it as needed helps you to avoid the build-up of stress throughout the day and the feeling of being overwhelmed or exhausted at the end of the day.

  • You may be more able to transition into the various aspects of your day with enjoyment and anticipation.

  • It can help you become aware of habitual responses to certain situations and make changes.

  • You may feel greater satisfaction as you complete tasks.

  • You may also notice that it can be hard work. It takes a conscious effort to notice your mood and to choose to change it. The payoff is that you may enjoy your moments more and that you may feel more invested in your life.

Article – 15 Ways to change your thoughts and transform your life

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