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Transformation & Trust
by trishw on 

Transformation and trust ...

Trust is a big factor in creating your roadmap. It’s not always easy to move forward on your new path when you can’t see the road ahead of you.

How do you learn to trust? By continuing to do the work we’ve identified – making sure your approach, emotions and thoughts fit your desire. If they don’t match your desire, you won’t get to where you want to go. Assess your progress on a consistent basis. That becomes the benchmark for adjusting your plan, not your mood or energy level.

Create and use the supports that you need. Continue to reinforce those skills which keep you focused on the present and regulate your emotions.  Stay accountable to consistently taking small steps.

Cultivate a curious attitude, rather than a fearful one. Keep your tank full and celebrate your successes – all of them!! Trust comes from persisting in doing, repeatedly. You will begin to see small changes within yourself and in your environment.

There is a big opportunity here to transition or to transform

Transition is "the process of change from one form, state, style or place to another". Transformation is "the state of being transformed, a marked change in appearance or character, especially one for the better."

Real change is happening as you become stronger about holding steady with your mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Not only externally, more importantly, internally.

Transformation. A seismic shift. Seeing things in a different way. Seeing yourself in a different way. Refining your ability to make small choices every day to keep moving you in the right direction. A belief in yourself. Trust.

As you transform, you begin to recognize that you are not just making a change from this job to that job, moving from this house to that house, or ending this relationship. You are tapping into your whole self, sensing your gut responses, and allowing them to guide your movement forward.

My first solo business was called Whole Health Fitness. I practiced counseling, taught yoga and meditation, and presented wellness workshops. The intention was to connect my clients to all of who they were – their bodies, minds, emotions, and their spirit. An amazing power is created when that happens – YOU!!

Coach to Create continues with that same message. My tagline – “your best life” captures the transformation idea. It’s about being in your life right now with what life has presented to you and choosing how you will move forward.

Staying on the path regardless of what we experience along the way is challenging. It takes awareness and effort to deal with challenges and get back on the path.

This is where trust comes in. It’s not necessary to scrap the plans, quit or decide this isn’t working. What is necessary is to persist, continue to do the work you have identified, get back in the driver’s seat with your emotions, thoughts, and behavior and move on. Create your best life. 

To your best life,

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